It’s Divorce Tuesday: first up, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are maybe (not?) getting divorced. There have been rumours swirling about them forever and then last week Dean posted a divorce announcement on Instagram. He took it down pretty quickly and the quotes in the PEOPLE Magazine article are pretty blunt. Basically the marriage was in a bad place but they were working through it and his post came as a shock. So no one knows what’s going on, maybe not even Dean and Tori. 


It’s kind of surprising these two haven’t tried reality TV again. 


Then there’s Kevin Costner, whose divorce is getting messier with The Sun reporting that his wife got close to a tech bro renting their pool house. Now what in the Pornhub is this storyline?


I wrote about wide leg Bermuda shorts in As Seen On Social Media but Vogue is now calling jorts the shorts of the season. What’s next, skorts?

The Cut’s profile on Sara Ramírez is so great because it captures all of the delightful cringe around Che and asks questions about what they represent to the larger narrative of the show. Is Sara (and the AJLK writers) in on the joke? Is Che a parody? Is Che satire? Is Che earnest? 


This is what we have to look forward to this week. This poster kind of gave me chills, wow. 

Drew Barrymore is a very fun Instagram presence and she is taking a break for the summer. It’s very hard to stay fresh on these platforms and even though I benefit from social media (from a work perspective), the pressure for celebrities who use it to always be “on” is, overall, not great content. Taking a break is a good thing.


Yes the Ben Affleck montage was hilarious but JLo using her dad to promote her cocktail line is also extra. She contains multitudes.