Selena Gomez has passed the 400 million mark on Instagram (and still growing). Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and the official Instagram account are still ahead of her but it got me thinking - who will be the first to hit a billion?


Whitney Cummings is working on a new show where comedians will have a voice because, as she told Page Six, she “would like to create a space where comedians don’t have to be scared anymore.”  She also said people perceive comedians as the “enemy.” Are comedians under attack? Or are some legacy names who’ve had it pretty made in the shade with Netflix deals and headlining tours feeling squeezed out from fresher acts? I imagine it’s easier to blame the audience and not the material.  


Victor Newman (known in real life as Eric Braeden) went in on Eva Longoria last night on Twitter. He said she denigrated soap acting but I couldn’t find any recent comments and even after reading this investigation I’m not sure. Is that it? Because he’s wildly outraged.  


It sounds like Succession has wrapped with mixed feelings for the cast (that pretty much lines up with their characters). Sarah Snook didn’t even know the show was ending (very Shiv to be cut out of the information chain).  


The Beckhams celebrated Victoria for Mother’s Day with lots of photos, personalized cards and flowers – and posts from David and each of her boys (Brooklyn put his in a story and Harper doesn’t have Instagram). I love how the kids never miss a chance to bring back WAG Victoria.  


Mickey Rourke, Denzel Washington and Lenny Kravitz met for what looks like lunch at the Sunset Marquis (according to Mickey’s assistant) and I would very much love to know what they are talking about. Every single detail.