Lea Michele slowly eased her way back onto social media after being called out for threatening to sh-t in Samantha Marie Ware’s wig on the set of Glee. Since then, a lot has happened to her personally (she had a baby) and a lot has happened to the Glee cast, which has been hit by multiple tragedies over the years. Now, many months later, it’s like we are back where we started: Lea posting pictures from her wedding. This was an ongoing joke on here for months, that no matter the situation, Lea found a way to sneak in a wedding shot. This is the first one I’ve seen it a while and it’s their anniversary. I’ll allow it this one time. (Bangs gavel on table.)


Here is The Rock with his daughter (I believe this is Tiana) and she’s talking in what adults would refer to as baby talk. Not purposely of course, it’s the way she’s learning to speak and it’s adorable. But what about adults who baby talk? Specifically, what if your partner would only engage in baby talk for months (for example, ordering a “chicky sammy” at a restaurant). Then what? This scenario made its way to Reddit’s AITA forum after a wife left her husband at a supermarket for throwing a tantrum over, “chocwit ice cweam” and she took it to the Internet. The update is even more wild than the story. 


This week, there’s wall-to-wall appreciation of Oprah, who reminded us what an interview is. It was mastery. This tweet about Jiminy Glick cracked me up because I can’t even imagine what he would ask Megan and Harry if given the chance. Even one question. This video is poor quality but “what’s your big beef with the Nazis” makes me scream every single time. 



Every month I go back to Lainey’s predictions for 2021 Vogue covers; Selena Gomez is not on her list and wasn’t on mine either. For this month I would have guessed Awkwafina in promotion for Raya the Last Dragon.