Liam Hemsworth and his girlfriend made their “red carpet debut” according to US Weekly. They could be lying and I’d have no idea as I don’t keep up with Liam Hemsworth and it doesn’t seem like many of you do, either. The Clooney theory is that celebrities become “stuck” at the age they became famous but for Liam, it’s not that he’s stuck, it’s that I’m stuck thinking of him as Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend/husband. Even though I know nothing about it, I get the sense that if she were to call he’d go running. 


Each new thread of pop culture discourse might be the last one we get on Twitter and this one is fascinating: Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones dressed as Fleabag and the Hot Priest for Halloween. It’s not just the matching costumes of course but the characters behind the costumes – Fleabag and Hot Priest’s relationship was complex, passionate, forbidden and healing but also untenable. It’s not just the hot jumpsuit and the collar. The discourse is split – some people think this is totally cool and fine for friends to wear matching costumes and others think this would be a defcon 5 relationship crisis. This is exactly the kind of debate Twitter is best for. The Instagram comments don’t cut it!


Florence Pugh cleared the Don’t Worry Darling drama like a movie star – saucy enough to get gossipy people (like us!) excited but not so serious that it turned into a liability for her reputation. In her work, she has moved on and in her personal life, she hasn’t been tied to anyone seriously since Zach Braff but she is hanging out with his family still (see the photo album below) and commenting on his posts. Friendly exes or reconciliation possibility?


I love how Michelle Pfeiffer’s anniversary post to David E. Kelly includes a photo of a random tree and a couple of shots of him in the distance. Imagine if they got those metallic number balloons and a sign that said “29 and feeling fine” or something? Horrific. 


Solange Knowles allowed her home to be photographed and it is not for Architectural Digest, which is too basic for her. She is a multidisciplinary artist and her space reflects that. So many cut-and-paste spaces on Instagram are trying to emulate this décor style but all flat because many people (including rich people and celebrities) need to outsource taste. She does not.