As Lainey wrote, Lori Harvey continues to thrive in every way. Her whole vibe is spectacular. She and Damson Idris released a statement and it looks like the breakup isn’t messy – when she makes a break, she’s clean. All of this got me thinking of Lori and how she really is at the perfect level of fame. Famous enough to know everyone and be at the party, but not so famous that she can’t control how much she is papped and, to a bigger extent, talked about. 


She can get a table at any restaurant and probably has Beyoncé’s phone number, but doesn’t need to wear a disguise to go to Starbucks. 


Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back for a 12th season and, as always, it’s on Larry David’s schedule. Last season was about the 5 foot fence and Maria Sofia but as we know, the seasons don’t often have continuity. So one season he will have a coffee shop or a restaurant and the next he’s on Broadway – it’s not linear in terms of storytelling, it’s more like we drop in on Larry’s life. That said, there’s recurring characters (like Ted Danson and Richard Kind) and guest stars (Vince Vaughn was great as mattress store owner Freddy Funkhouser and Christian Slater had a memorable cameo as a caviar hog). At this point, the show can pretty much get the biggest names to guest star and it’s up to Larry to decide who he allows into the club.


Elizabeth Debicki spoke to Vanity Fair about her role in The Crown and it happened before the strike. But really, publications must be running low on these pre-interviews, right? It’s been months. 


Can I tell you my theory on this year’s Sexiest Man Alive? The Golden Bachelor Effect. Yes, the actual golden bachelor is 72 and Patrick Dempsey is 57 so there’s 15 years between them but I think there’s a thread we can pull on here. PEOPLE looked at their demographic and the numbers of clicks their story gets and said hey, why not choose someone a little different in the age range than what we normally go with? I think it’s totally out of left field and a great choice. More age diversity is a good thing. For women too, obviously. 


IF the Met Gala theme is understood, it is an incredible opportunity for the red carpet. Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion has nothing to do with the fairytale or princesses. The theme is centered around aesthetic history and honours the most beautiful pieces that cannot be worn because they are too delicate and organized in three themes: Land, Sea, and Sky. Read the Vogue story and see the photos chosen, like 1940s Dior and the 2001 McQueen. It will be interesting to see who adheres to the theme and which designers and stylists take the princess route anyway.