Christian Siriano gave MTV Cribs a tour of his Connecticut home with a preview for PEOPLE and there are no curtains. The house has previously been photographed for Architectural Digest and again, it is pointed out that there are no curtains. He loves the natural light and the home is private so neighbours aren’t an issue but this is still something, a very bold choice. It’s very exposed. Here he is with Lili Reinhart for the Met Gala in a pink floral gown and for the after-party in a little black dress which, in my humble opinion, should have been the red carpet dress because to me, an LBD is very American fashion. Like Jennifer Aniston American, you know? More so than the pink confection


Ed Sheeran gave an interview to The Julia Show and a comment he made about award shows in America is making the rounds: "The room is filled with resentment and hatred toward everyone else and it's quite an uncomfortable atmosphere." I absolutely  believe this because as Ed goes on to explain, it’s not the artists who are side-eying each other but their entourages who are walking around with attitude. If you watch most music award shows, unless the artist is friends with another celebrity (ie: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez), they are surrounded by their own people ten deep. Many famous musicians over the years have talked about loneliness, isolation and exhaustion – being on an island allows their entourage to work them very hard and make it seem normal. It also works to disconnect the artist from anyone not on the payroll. 


Imagine Queen Latifah and Regina King hyping you up for a photo like this. 

Jerry O’Connell is joining The Talk and said he’s the “rebound guy” (post Sharon Osbourne) just like he was for his wife after her divorce from John Stamos. This is a very good way of looking at a job like this! 


Goop posted this album with three photos of GP with different hair so I’m thinking… a Goop hair care line? It’s the logical next step. 

This is interesting: Rihanna has built her own space in fashion, athleisure, makeup, and skin care, but for luggage she partnered with Rimowa. She is an ownership person and not just a face, so this is sending me into a conspiracy mindset regarding new music. Did she take an “easy” job (as in, not building a company from the ground up) so that she could have time for another really big project?


Alicia Keys, like Vogue, is also making Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz Instagram official-adjacent