Busy Philipps knows she is baiting us with Michelle Williams, but Busy is also generous with gossip, so I feel this is a fair trade. 


Miranda Kerr is doing double promo for a new Kora Organics product and an Erewhon smoothie. (Hailey Bieber has also had her own smoothie.) Lots of friends showed up to support her and I’ve never tried Kora Organics, but I’m not opposed to trying it. The brand was founded in 2009, so there is some longevity and she is very consistent with it. 


Speaking of celebrity skin care brands, word on the street is that JLo Beauy is not selling at a brisk pace. She has not posted about it on her grid since June 1. Right now, it’s all about Delola and her collaboration with Intimissimi lingerie. The thing with skin care is that it’s an incredibly competitive space and it requires consistency. It doesn’t matter whose name is attached to it because people are not putting something on their face that they don’t trust. That’s why you need a big team and some of the most valuable people on that team are the ones who work the floor in retail. Rihanna and Selena Gomez have booth done a great job at the store level since their respective launches. Not engaging with in-store appearances and in-person education sessions for the people who actually recommend products directly to customers is a sure way to have your brand collecting dust on the shelves. I wonder how much on-the-ground outreach JLo’s team has done.


This list goes back to 2011 but of course it’s been updated because of Expend4bles (that 4 is killing me!): The 24 Worst Ways to be Killed by Jason Statham. This is cinema. 


Lorde posted a letter to fans on her Tumblr about heartbreak, pain (both physical and emotional). It won’t do it justice to paraphrase as she is an amazing writer – you can feel it all through her words.

Thank you to everyone who sent me this post about Liam Gallagher rescuing a dog – I’m honoured you thought of me! (Of course he’s a big softie.)


Since celebrity co-parenting is on the brain, I dug deep on this one. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik both posted birthday tributes to their daughter and both tagged the bakery (which is home to the Cake Boss). But, looking at the photos, Gigi and Zayn posted slightly different Frozen-theme cakes – Gigi’s looks brown/blue and Zayn’s is all blue (but it is a Polaroid and heavily filtered) and the cake toppers are different. The tablecloth colour looks different as well. So were there two Frozen cakes at one party or two parties? There’s one more clue: the rainbow cake. Gigi posted a piece on a lunch tray with a small piece of rainbow cake and Zayn’s photos display a rainbow Skittles cake – so maybe it was just a really decadent dessert table with multiple cakes. Both Gigi and Zayn have consistently spoken positively about each other, even after that incident between Zayn and Gigi’s mother Yolanda. They really do seem like they work at having a good relationship. And they both love the Cake Boss.