I refuse to pretend to have any chill about Chadwick Boseman’s Met Gala look. I was out at dinner with friends when I saw the first photos of Chadwick arriving on the Met steps and I rudely interrupted my friend’s story with, “HOLY F-CKING SH-T CHADWICK.” I then texted the same profanity-ridden reaction to Lainey and Duana. 

Holy. F-cking. Sh-t. Chadwick. We’re used to being disappointed by the men on this red carpet. The rationale used to be that it’s harder for the guys. They have less fabric and texture and ideas to play with. They’re confined to a variation of a suit and how unique can one of those be, right? WRONG. Chadwick Boseman shut down the Met Gala red carpet for every man who ever walks it again. Stay home next year, Jared Leto.  

YES, THIS IS OUR KING. That’s me yelling back at Eric Killmonger. 

There are many reasons to love Chadwick’s Versace outfit, which is very Vatican chic with some Wakandan flair. There is no question of whether it fits the theme. This ensemble IS the theme. I need to see photos of Chadwick and Rihanna together, ASAP. First, there’s the colour. This off-white is perfection. Then, there are the details. The crosses and tassels sit in the exact right spots across his shoulders. The cape falls nicely as well and each time Chadwick adjusted his cape, we got a nice peek at his fists full of gold rings. I’m not usually into men wearing gold rings on every finger but this is the Met. Go big or go home. The pants? I can’t talk about the pants without screaming. 

Chadwick is the handsome vessel whose body is adorned with this magnificent creation but we need to give credit where credit is due. Lainey has shouted out Chadwick’s stylistAshley Weston, a couple of times on the site for her consistent great work. Welp, Ashley has outdone herself. 


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“We weren’t playing.” I love this. This is how you OWN your work. Ashley also Insta-storied the struggle it took to keep Chadwick’s cape from getting wrinkled. This woman is doing the Lord’s work.

Finally, the commitment to Chadwick’s look can be epitomized in his hair. The man has gold sparkles in his hair that you can only see if you zoom in. GOLD SPARKLES. I am going to need resuscitation. Send help. 

My favourite thing about Chadwick Boseman’s Met Gala look is that a few years ago, a straight actor, especially a leading man like Chadwick, would never put this much thought and EFFORT into his fashion. He’d probably be reluctant to take risks like this or show how much he cared about his Met Gala look. Chadwick CARES. And he’s giving permission for other men to care just as much, or should I say, to stop pretending they don’t care. He’s issuing a challenge: step your game up, men. We know King T’Challa always comes out on top of a challenge. Long may he reign.