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Someone somewhere has the resources to go back through the Saturday Night Live archives over the last 40 years and figure out the percentage of guest hosts who wear black for the opening monologue. FiveThirtyEight could do it easily I’m sure. Maybe it’s too easy for them. But the point is, most hosts wear black, right? Which is why the exceptions stand out. Like Tiffany Haddish, who wore white, Alexander McQueen, and she made it part of her monologue, promising that she’d wear that dress as much as possible, and eventually at the Oscars, because it cost so much money. 


Chadwick Boseman hosted SNL this weekend. He did not wear black for the monologue. He wore, seemingly, every colour other than black. Nobody is complaining. Who would complain? Look at this outfit. The clothes are Versace and he’s been styled by Ashley Weston, doing great work once again for Chadwick’s entire SNL wardrobe. This Givenchy jacket is another example: 


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The Givenchy would have perhaps been the more conventional choice for the monologue. Black and white, monochrome, super steezy. But they decided on clashing colours and mixing prints and not doing what anybody else does. Why would he? Black Panther has now passed Titanic and is the 3rd highest grossing movie ever in North America. When you have a year like the year both Tiffany and Chadwick have had, step out in the rainbow and all the patterns. Same goes for Ashley Weston who’s been killing it for Chadwick and all her clients through award season and beyond. Ashley, by the way, graduated from UCLA with a Science degree and also holds Master's in Psychology and Education. It’s a reminder that no one has to be just one thing. 

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