News broke just three weeks ago that Channing Tatum and Jessie J are dating. At the time, it was reportedly “very new”. They’ve not yet been seen together publicly, no photos, not by the paps or on social media. A few days ago though, at a Halloween party, Jenna Dewan went public with her new boyfriend, Steve Kazee. Now we’re getting shots of Channing leaving Jessie’s place in LA and then, a few hours later, at Jessie’s show at the Wiltern in LA. And he had daughter Everly with him. 

Is it “still new” if you’re already spending time together with the children? I have a hard time believing that the very first time Everly met Jessie was backstage at a concert when she’s getting ready to perform. Then again, celebrities are weird like that. They have a different normal. Maybe that would have been the perfect time for Everly to meet Jessie. Maybe Channing isn’t that precious about how soon Everly is meeting the people he dates. Maybe this means nothing. Or maybe it means Channing and Jessie are another Fast Flame™ couple of 2018. 

Channing has kept a pretty low profile the last several months. He was at the premiere of Smallfoot in September but before that, there hadn’t been too many public appearances. He doesn’t have any major releases planned in the early part of 2019 either. The Lego Movie 2, sure, but that’s a big cast, with other big names, and I’m not sure he would have to carry the promotion. My point is, related to Jessie, that if they are Fast Flames, we might be seeing it as publicly as the other couples who’ve ignited and, in some cases, burned out.