Charlize Theron was also photographed yesterday in LA after lunch but not with Brad Pitt. Because, disappointingly, as we all now know, they’re not dating, no matter how hard the gossip ecosystem tried to make it so

So until we do actually have something legit to talk about, let’s focus instead on Charlize’s work. She spent the last part of 2018 working on the Roger Ailes movie, playing Megyn Kelly, even though Annapurna backed out right when production began and Lionsgate was negotiating to take over. While we wait to see how all that will turn out, Charlize’s next film looks a lot more promising. It’s called Flarsky, with Seth Rogen playing Fred Flarsky, a journalist who parties more than he works and falls in love with a diplomat, the most powerful woman in the world with a shot at the White House, obviously Charlize. It’s a comedy. It’s about their relationship and trying to keep it undercover to protect her reputation. I’m in. 

Flarsky will premiere at SXSW and the release date has been moved up to May, the weekend right after Avengers: Endgame, which speaks to how much confidence the studio has in the movie. Apparently the test screenings have gone really, really well and they’re hoping it’ll be the blockbuster comedy of the summer. Since SXSW is happening in March, I’m thinking we should get a trailer for this soon? Maybe a Super Bowl trailer? The more I think about this the more excited I am. Charlize can do raunch. She is FUNNY. And matching her ice cool bitch vibe against, you know, Seth Rogen’s stoner mess sounds SO fun, I can’t wait.