Who’s the Best Chris? It’s a never-ending debate. Who’s the lowest-cut Chris? 


Not even a race. 

Chris Hemsworth. Is it just me or is he going lower and lower? 

Sarah mentioned it the other day when she posted about Hemsworth at the Infinity War premiere– he was wearing a waistcoat over an open-collar shirt with one too many buttons undone and check him out, yesterday at Kimmel…and there are even more buttons he didn’t bother with. We’re almost at Jared Leto levels now. Who wants to tell him? Or maybe you don’t want anyone to tell him. 

I get it. Some people (a lot of people) find this attractive, like the whole naked fireman thing. It’s never been my thing. What I appreciate about Chris Hemsworth though is that it’s a thing that he’s been known to send up – his good looks, his fit body. I’m thinking of that mock AMEX ad he did on Saturday Night Live. Which is what these pictures of him in this white shirt, open to wellllll into the pectoral area, with the two necklaces, reminds me of. Is this self-parody?