For many of us, Chris Hemsworth hovers near the top of the Chris Rankings, but he has been (temporarily) demoted after his appearance at the Infinity War premiere. He wore what is a pretty standard look for him: Bland suit with an open-collar shirt unbuttoned one button too low, and a waistcoat. Both of these looks are well within the Greater Hemsworth’s style wheelhouse. He loves an open collar and a waistcoat, it’s just that he wore both of them. AT THE SAME TIME. An open collar unbuttoned one button too low, and a waistcoat buttoned all the way up. It’s not the greatest look, made worse by the boring suit. So Hemsworth is officially demoted to Third Best Chris. That means the current standings are: #1 Chris Pine (although I should demote him, on principle, to spite Kathleen), #2 Chris Evans (who did not show up at the premiere which means we were cheated out of Premiere Stache and I am INCONSOLABLE), #3 Chris Hemsworth, and #4 Chris Pratt (forever fourth best Chris). This concludes the Chris Rankings public service announcement.

Lainey PS. Bonus Hemsworth commentary – Hemsworth is the tallest Chris, and usually the tallest period in most rooms. Except…when Winston Duke is around. I don’t think he’s used to it.