Here’s a story I pitched today (over email) at work: New Love in the Time of Coronavirus. It’s a relationship discussion. For those of you out there who are single – and those of us who aren’t can weigh in and judge, because that’s the kind of assholes we are – let’s say you met someone at the end of February and you’re pretty into each other. But two weeks later, the world goes into lockdown. Do you quarantine with them? I mean, this is so fresh, and isolating with someone isn’t exactly keeping it casual. It is an unmistakable declaration of “we are taking this to the next step in our relationship = serious”. 

So many celebrities are there: Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, Ariana Grande is now dating realtor Dalton Gomez and they’re in quarantine together, Nina Dobrev and Shaun White were seen bike riding together two days ago and making plans to go bike riding with someone when you’re NOT SD-ing with them is not technically SD-ing. 

Now it’s Demi Lovato. Demi and actor Max Ehrich (Young & The Restless) have been openly flirting on social media. He posted this on IG about packing for quarantine: 


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And she commented “fine by me”. 

And they were papped yesterday at the grocery store which, to me, is pretty solid confirmation that they are indeed in isolation together because, again, you’re not supposed to be going on grocery dates during lockdown. 

As I have repeatedly covered throughout the years, celebrity love can be way more intense than civilian love because celebrities aren’t restricted by standardised work schedules and, you know, budgets. They can go from “hi, you’re cute” to “I never want to be without you” real fast. When you add a global crisis on top of that kind of urgency, it gets even more extra. Love was already on speed in normal times for famous people. Coronavirus has taken it to lightspeed. 

But whether you’re a celebrity or a civilian, committing yourself to a person inside one space INDEFINITELY requires, well, at the beginning it’s all hot and f-cking. But eventually, everyone needs some distance. They have mansions and yeah, that can help to be in different wings of the home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still feel the, like, aura of someone lingering around. 

Fast flames flame out fast.™ Fast flames aren’t meant to last.™ 

Is that more or less true in isolation?