Lainey gave me the honour of writing about Demi Lovato’s “thirst trap” because, in her words, I’m the youngest member of the team and therefore, I’m the perfect person to handle a story involving thirst traps and shameless social media flirting and other things Parents Just Don’t Understand.  As the appointed young person here (have I mentioned that I’m SO young?), I think that I first have to explain what a thirst trap is. Being thirsty for someone means that you desperately want their attention. Ie: My thirst for Michael Bae Jordan is borderline unhealthy and I may need an intervention. A thirst trap is when you post something sexy on social media for the attention of the object of said thirst. 

The Internet seems to think that Demi Lovato set an elaborate and skillful thirst trap for Henry Cavill. First, she liked a few of his photos on Instagram. Then, she posted this. 


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Damn, Demi. That’s the reaction she was hoping for. Promptly after that sexy shot, Demi initiated phase 3 of her trap: she followed Henry Cavill. 

This is why Twitter is my favourite. After that, she liked two of Henry Cavill’s jujitsu photos, which prompted him to like and comment on Demi’s own martial arts related post. 


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Apparently Henry Cavill was already following Demi Lovato before the trap but that’s exactly why Demi’s plan was so effective. She likes a few photos to draw his attention to her account, which she knows he already follows. Then, she lands a killer right hook in the form of sexy white lingerie. Well played. 

Remember when Henry Cavill dated Gina Carano, former MMA star? Or when Demi was with MMA fighter Guilherme ''Bomba'' Vasconcelos? And UFC fighter Luke Rockhold before that? So yeah, they are definitely each other’s types. Demi is definitely single but, as of post time, Henry Cavill is still rumoured to be in a relationship with stunt woman Lucy Cork.

You wouldn’t know that based on his Instagram though. Demi probably can’t tell if Henry is single either. Hence, the thirst trap. If she knew he wasn’t dating anyone, it’d probably be easier to get his number from her publicist – you know, the old-fashioned way. 

This way, Demi gets to test the waters, lay the bait and see if he bites. Did I do that fishing metaphor right? I probably should have gone with a more contact sport than fishing. 
This way, if Henry Cavill is still with his girlfriend, Demi can deny, deny, deny. She does post sexy photos a lot, not just when she’s plotting for the attention of Superman. 

If Demi and Henry do start dating, does this count as a 2018 meet-cute?

My favourite part of this Demi Lovato story is how many publications have had to write serious headlines using the term “thirst trap,” which probably, like most great slang, originated on Black Twitter. 

Attached - Demi at LAX the other day.