Emma Stone and Dave McCary announced their engagement last December. They were reportedly supposed to marry in March in LA but cancelled the wedding because of the pandemic lockdown. This weekend Emma joined a video chat with Reese Witherspoon to talk about anxiety as part of Mental Health Month. Emma was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and panic disorder as a child and she’s spoken in the past about how she struggles with her mental health. She and Reese were on the call with the Medical Director of the Child Mind Institute, Dr Harold Koplewicz; Emma’s joined the board last year and is working alongside the organisation to reduce stigma around mental health disorders. As she said


"I think my role here is just to help de-stigmatize mental health disorders. there are tools, there's help, and you can go on to live a normal and fruitful and passionate life doing things that you love, even if you have a disorder of any kind, mentally."

Obviously, over the last couple of months, while we’ve all been worried about our physical wellbeing and that of those in our communities, mental health should be a priority too. People are scared, people are worried – about getting sick, about losing their jobs, about paying the bills, about not seeing their loved ones – and kids respond when adults are worried. This is about giving children the space to be able to communicate their experiences and the resources to seek out when they need help. 

At one point during the conversation though, Dr Koplewicz talked to Emma about partnership. Per ELLE:

"If you marry an anxious man, you're going to have to know me the rest of my life," Koplewicz told Stone, referring to the idea that "anxious people find anxious people."

To which she replied:

“Thankfully I didn’t do that.” So some people are taking that to mean that she’s already married. Also she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring but had on a gold band. 


If this is true, would it surprise you? Wouldn’t surprise me about Emma Stone. I don’t know that I could see her having a big blowout of a wedding anyway although I’m so curious about what her dress would have looked like. 

In other Emma news, Some Good News – she was the celebrity meteorologist on John Krasinski’s show. At the 3:20 mark below: