According to Page Six, Emma Stone and Dave McCary were supposed to get married last weekend in Los Angeles but have now postponed the wedding because of Covid-19. Did you see that story earlier this week at TMZ featuring couples around the world who’ve gone ahead with their weddings while wearing masks? That, evidently, was not how Emma and Dave wanted – and I co-sign this decision. For vanity and for safety. That’s a lot of people gathered together and some are likely older family members. Emma and Dave obviously don’t want to f-ck with that, nor do they want their wedding to be the reason Aunt Barb got sick in March of 2020; everybody remembers. 

And then, of course, there are the pictures. Emma’s wedding dress is likely luxury fashion label, styled to perfection. There are some cute ass masks out there for sure. But come on. No mask is that cute to go with a wedding dress. 

Were you surprised with how short the time was between their engagement and their wedding? They got engaged in December. Three months is pretty short, both for celebrities and civilians. That said, celebrities work in concentrated blocks of time. They shoot for a couple of months straight and then their schedules aren’t 9-5 rigid like ours. Also resources. Nobody needs to save up the money here for a wedding. In Emma’s case too it could be that, before coronavirus f-cked with all our lives, this was the available window. She wrapped on Cruella in November and was supposed to start work on Damian Chazelle’s Babylon, alongside Brad Pitt, this summer. Babylon will likely be pushed back but it was set for release at Christmas 2021, and anticipated to be an award season contender. Emma’s 2021 was looking really promising with both Cruella and Babylon releasing next year. With the delay of their wedding, Emma and Dave seem to be practising social distancing right now to try to keep that a reality. 

Here are Emma and Dave out in New York back in December.