I know. I’m sorry. I should never be allowed to come back. Before you kick me out though, let’s talk about Ariana Grande’s engagement ring. As you know, she and Pete Davidson want to get married. They’ve been together a month. According to TMZ, the ring cost almost $100,000, took two weeks to make, and… he ordered it from the jeweler, Mr Flawless, in MAY. Mr Flawless posted it on Instastory today which is being seen as a confirmation that this is Facts. 


Like, when they started dating? 

It was already a headspinner when we found out that they’re engaged. But to know that he planned on proposing after what appears to be just days after they got together… 

I mean, on the one hand, it’s terribly romantic. This is the kind of storyline we never used to complain about in the movies. In the movies, Vampire Edward Cullen sniffs out Bella Swan just once and we’re supposed to want them to be together forever and ever. Isn’t it what we want then? ISN’T IT?!

Yes. But the universe just won’t let us live and love, you know? People are still grieving Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling being over. Brange is broken. Not even Kermit and Piggy could make it. Can Ariana and Pete defy the odds? 

Fast flames flame out fast.™ 


Eternal Flame? 


Also, what do you think about this pear-shaped celebrity engagement ring trend? It’s not my favourite. My favourite is an emerald cut, followed by a princess cut. Is that super basic?