We’ve been calling Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly “fast flames” but they’ve been together since spring 2020, so the flame has lasted a lot longer than many other high profile relationships. 


It has been passionate and performative era for them on social media and in magazines and on red carpets. Their proposal had several different camera angles and they’ve talked about drinking each other’s blood. They quickly become an identifiable couple, the kind of couple that inspire a Halloween costume. 

Cracks have showed, sometimes publicly. The tortured love was always supposed to be part of their appeal though, right? And they’ve leaned into it, with the engagement (that was fun) and the whole “I am weed” meet-cute. Like Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, they have big “couple who wears matching black nail polish and break up at lunch but are back together and making out by fourth period” energy. 


But they aren’t lust-struck teenagers, they are adults (she’s 36, he’s 32) with four kids between them and a bunch of professional responsibilities. Real life was always going to creep in and it seems the burn out has begun. First off, there have been a few things that have fans concerned, like Megan Fox having a concussion and broken wrist at the Grammys. There’s also this photo she posted on Twitter and the poster in the back is an organisation that helps those experiencing domestic violence.

Megan Fox on Twitter

Social media is running with a lot of theories but to be clear, Megan herself has not addressed it or implied that she is in a dangerous situation. Those posters are common in bar bathrooms and if it wasn’t pointed out on social media, I would not be questioning if there’s a connection. If there is a connection and she is trying to send a message, hopefully she has access to support and a place where she’s safe. 

Less ambiguous is the lyric from Lemonade. You do not invoke the gospel of Beyoncé unless some serious sh-t is going down.

“You can taste the dishonesty/it’s all over your breath”


This is a blunt message about infidelity and betrayal, especially when it comes from a woman in a very intense public relationship. If MGK has been creeping on the low, she just blew his sh-t wide open. And she knew how it would be received and how much traction it would get, even on Super Bowl weekend. 

She then deleted her Instagram account – kind of a bad bitch move – and it makes me wonder, who is she trying to ghost: us or him? Her fans are celebrating and as for MGK, he strikes me as someone who is either knee-deep in new “companionship” or he’s despondent and writing her love letters in his blood. This post was written on a Sunday so let’s see what happens this week. Because maybe this fast flame will flicker a little longer. The more dramatic the couple, the messier the ending.