Who is fine as f-ck and is 56 years old today? He’s currently, for the next few weeks, the same age as Johnny Depp except Lenny Kravitz can wear as many scarves as he wants and never look ridiculous whereas Johnny… well… you know. (Dlisted) 

If you were on Twitter last night and also today, you would have seen “Central Park Karen” trending. If you’re not familiar with the details, well, you’re about to meet another Karen who decided to call the cops on a black man and endanger his life. The online community came for her… FAST. They identified her with blinding speed. And now she’s apologised and there have been consequences. As many people have pointed out though, her consequences are still preferable to what could have potentially happened to the man she threatened. (Cele|bitchy) 


Li Yuchun aka Chris Lee has really, really, REALLY been a highlight on the Cannes red carpet and you’ve probably never seen these outfits before. But you should. Especially the first one in these series, I love it so much. And the 2013 Givenchy look which is 100% my whole sh-t. (Go Fug Yourself) 

A lot of people have taken up hobbies during lockdown. Kayleigh Donaldson is crafting now and has written an essay about her crafting …adventures. Can we call them adventures? When we shouldn’t be out in the world anymore, can our adventures be in our homes? I have no hobbies. Other than the video game I’m addicted to on my phone. (Pajiba) 

I had no idea that you could declare a house “legally haunted”. Like if they’re slapping some legal designations on that sh-t, you know it’s creepy and f-cked. So whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy would anyone want to buy this!? (The Mary Sue)