Last month we got a teaser for Netflix’s Riverdale spin-off, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Now, we have a full trailer and yes, please, I want to put this show in my eyeballs like, yesterday. This is hardcore my aesthetic, from the vintage birthday party to the necromancy ritual out in the woods. The Spellman Mortuary-slash-family home is like an Addams’ mansion starter kit, and I am SUPER into Sabrina teaming up with the Weird Sisters to do whatever it is they’re doing. Summoning the devil? Fighting the devil? Both? Either way, into it. Also, Salem the cat! I loved Salem on the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch—so much so my friends were surprised I didn’t name my own black cat Salem, but she’s too fluffy and bonkers for a cool witch name—and I can’t wait to see the rebooted Gothic version. 

Honestly, at least 50% of my interest in this show is just my craven need for escapism right now. I could use someone else’s problems to fixate on, problems without stakes in the real world, and while Sabrina has a definite horror vibe, there is also a strong whiff of soap, too. That’s what is needed right now, a nice soapy drama with a creepy supernatural flavor. I love the look of Sabrina so far, and really hope the show delivers on all this promise. Also no one in Greendale could possibly be as obnoxious as Archie, so hopefully I won’t want to hurl things at my TV while I’m watching this one. And yes, I will take EVERY opportunity to mention how awful Archie is.