We’ve been posting about CinemaCon in Vegas all week and yesterday it was Universal’s turn to preview their upcoming titles for theatre owners. Footage that was shown at CinemaCon is exclusive, to make it extra special for the people there getting an advance preview of what they’ll be selling at their multiplexes. 


Normally, we’d wait until the rest of us actually see the trailer before writing about it but this trailer that I can’t show you and that I haven’t seen is too good not to talk about right now because it’s Ticket to Paradise, the movie that reunites George Clooney and Julia Roberts, who play a divorced couple trying to stop their daughter from getting married. Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter described the trailer: 

“Highlights included seeing Clooney and Roberts spar in amusing fashion with sharp-tongued jabs before coming together to hatch a plan to stop the nuptials. There’s hijinks, physical humor, some drinking, some beer pong and even Clooney doing the classic running man dance.”

That’s it. This is why we’re here. Because in Ticket To Paradise, George Clooney does the Running Man. The movie comes out October 21. On that day George Clooney will become a meme. I mean, I was going to see this anyway but now there’s extra incentive. I might even see it twice. 


And that’s what Universal and the theatre owners are hoping for. Two mega movie stars, in a romantic comedy for the first time in YEARS, and there’s some evidence to suggest that audiences will come. Look how well The Lost City has been doing – it topped the domestic box office on its first weekend, it is still making money and it came out over a month ago. Which is a very big deal considering that it was thought that rom-coms weren’t viable as theatrical releases anymore. But women showed UP for The Lost City, responding enthusiastically to a project that was made specifically for them. And the intention is the same with Ticket to Paradise. 

As previously mentioned, both George and Julia haven’t done a rom-com in decades. Julia recently said that it was because there wasn’t a script that really appealed to her. So this story, co-written and directed by Ol Parker, must have been really special. 


Here’s a sidenote though – Ol Parker is Thandiwe Newton’s estranged husband. Filming on Ticket to Paradise started in Australia November 2021 and through the early part of this year, with a pause due to a COVID outbreak, and wrapping around the end of February. Ol and Thandiwe would have been apart a lot during that time. Couples in the business often have to endure long separations but this one was obviously a major strain. 

Julia Roberts had her family there with her for the months that she was filming and the Clooneys were all temporarily relocated to the Gold Coast, too. That’s my awkward segue to Amal Clooney in New York, because after a day of meetings at the United Nations urging leaders to take action in response to the war crimes that have been taking place in Ukraine, Amal went out for dinner with her mother, Baria Alamuddin, aka our new style idol. I mentioned Baria’s style yesterday and today, please appreciate her purple jumpsuit and luxurious white coat. Someone start an Instagram for this fashion plate!