George Lucas created Star Wars. So picking a favourite Star Wars character, for him, is like favouring one child over another. It’s no surprise then that the character he picked is probably the most divisive. If you see it through the parenting lens, he’s going to protect the one who’s most unpopular, right? (Dlisted) 

If this was “standing only” event for Amanda Seyfried, meaning at no point would she be expected to take a seat, I’m all over this outfit. I like a high collar with a lot of leg. I like a roomy fit. And I also like velvet. Does it pass the sit test? Probably not. But maybe it didn’t have to. I would love to know how many celebrities do the sit test in their fittings though. I’m gonna say not enough, just like in real life. I don’t think the sit test happens enough in real life either. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Sweden’s Princess Sofia seems like she’s kinda sorta trying out the haircut we keep talking about  and it’s not really working for her because she’s only kinda sorta trying it out. If you want to make that haircut work, you have to COMMIT. I don’t think this is a full commitment. (Cele|bitchy) 

You know what I love about Frank Ocean? Many things, obviously. But one of them is that when he says he’s low profile, he means it. He does not leave much of a fame footprint. Which means that when he does show up for an interview, he wants to be there, he has something interesting to say, and it’s always a fresh read. (OMG Blog) 

Here’s my question about “Instagrammable” locations – isn’t it the social media equivalent as showing up in the same outfit as everyone else? I was in Nashville last year and there were people lining up at popular Instagram spots (usually wall art) just to have their pictures taken to post on IG. How are you going to generate likes though if everyone else has been there and is posing in the same place, I don’t get it!? (The Cut) 

For those of you who’ve been emailing me about After, the movie based on the YA book that started out as Harry Styles fan fiction, Kathleen wrote a great piece about it and how YA has a sex problem. (Refinery 29)