I used to be really, really excited to see Gisele Bundchen at the Met Gala. I think it’s because I saw her and Tom Brady in 2008 and the way they were that night, the photos that were taken, it was a moment that went everywhere. This is what they looked like:


In person, they were unreal. Like, I had a hard time believing they were human. 

Here’s Gisele arriving at the hotel tonight to get ready. I’m posting these shots because, frankly, I’m not sure if we’ll be posting about her tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier in my Amal Clooney post, we don’t normally cover models at the Met Gala because, well, they’re models. There’s really not that much debate. Gisele though was noted as an exception. EXCEPT…

Do you remember what happened last year? 

The theme was Rei Kawakubo and Commes des Garcons. Gisele, WHO WAS CO-CHAIR ALONG WITH TOM, wore the most basic ass Stella McCartney dress with a bullsh-t justification. I’m still mad at her for it and, also, after that letdown, I really don’t expect much from her tonight. Why would we waste the gossip real estate if she’s just going to show up in something tight and not that exciting?