There’s been a new development in the Glen Powell-Sydney Sweeney situation. To recap: Glen and Sydney were filming their rom-com, Anyone But You, in Australia and people have been speculating whether their on-screen relationship has become an off-screen relationship. Then they turned up in Vegas for CinemaCon undoubtedly aware of the rumours and were not only not fazed by them but seemed to kind of encourage them? 


The issue here, of course, is that Sydney is engaged and Glen has a girlfriend, Gigi Paris, who was posting cryptic messages on Instagram. Update – Glen HAD a girlfriend, and Gigi’s IG posts are no longer cryptic. Because this happened yesterday: 

Gigi posted this shortly after unfollowing Glen …and by today’s standards, that’s basically a press release announcing a breakup. It’s over. Whether or not it’s permanently over is a different story but for now, it’s done. 


Gigi is done, and who could blame her? Even if Glen and Sydney aren’t actually hooking up, they haven’t done much to convince anyone otherwise, and it feels like they’re even marketing all of this to hype up their movie…which works for the movie but if you’re Gigi, that can’t feel good. It probably feels pretty sh-tty. 

While we’re here though, it’s might be a good time to talk about Glen’s dating history. Because before he and Gigi were a thing, he was dating entertainment reporter Renee Bargh. The word in media circles at the time was that there wasn’t much time, if any at all, between Renee and Gigi. It was right before the pandemic, like early 2020, when industry people in LA were talking about allegedly Glen breaking up with Renee to be with Gigi. Or, um, after he allegedly started up with Gigi. If that’s actually true, we are two for two on overlaps. 

As for Sydney’s fiancé, Jonathan Davino, TMZ posted photos of him yesterday walking her dog, suggesting that they are still together. So he’s hanging on. But for how much longer?