A collection of looks that are totally on brand for the wearers, starting with my beloved Greta Lee. Because the brand is Loewe, not a surprise, for her first Met Gala, and she has a strong association with Jonathan Anderson. Also, I wrote yesterday that my wish was for her and Taylor Russell to show up together in something eclectic and inspired and my wish came true. They were together! And now I’m the one separating them in my posts. We’ll discuss Taylor’s look later. 


For now, this is Greta, c-nting like we expect from her in a dress that is so very Loewe, with that high neckline that’s almost like a screen in front of her face. I hate people, so I love this dress, because it’s a natural barrier to having to smell and receive whatever biology the person in front of you is insisting on sending your way. 


Also. HER HAIR. I have envy. I’m too much of a weak piece of sh-t to cut my hair like this but I wish, I wish I could, I wish I would. But also, I don’t have this face. 


Next to FKA twigs. As Sarah has noted already, I was already bored by the theme when they announced the theme of the Met Gala this year. But twigs was never going to show up in a princess dress with flowers on it. On brand for FKA twigs is offbeat and super chic, which is exactly what this is – and also Stella McCartney. 

Taking this opportunity now with twigs to talk about AI because she spoke before the Senate last week on the impact of AI on the music industry and while this is not directly related, you may have heard last night about the image of “Katy Perry” that was going viral from the Met Gala only … it wasn’t Katy, Katy wasn’t there at all. It was an AI-generated photo of her that many people believed to be her and, frankly, this is f-cked up. It is f-cked up to live in a world in which a computer can say you were somewhere when you were not. And on top of that, because the truth is already so skewed and corrupted, that it looks so realistic, people might not believe you when you say it’s not you. 


On brand for Sienna Miller who is always gonna boho – here she is in Chloe and it’s actually, personally, one of my favourite looks of the night just because it sets up to my personal aesthetic. High colour, covered arms, but showing leg; it’s loose, it’s pretty, you can party in it. This is 100% my whole sh-t and it’s also SO Sienna, we’ve seen her in a version of this a million times, so while I enjoy it, I’m not saying it should be anywhere near noteworthy. But the girl does have a lane. 

As did Kylie Jenner. You want to talk about same same? If we’re saying that Sienna Miller has changed her style in… well… ever, that also applies to Kylie Jenner. Whether it’s Mugler or Oscar de La Renta, the silhouette doesn’t vary. And speaking of silhouettes, on gossip, this is not a pregnancy silhouette, right? We can shut down (for the next week or so) all the bad gossip about her expecting a child with Timothée Chalamet? 


That said, she did encourage it at the beginning of the night – which is when I was actually kinda hopeful that her look would be excited about. Because when she was leaving the hotel, with her cloak wrapped around her, it was giving… a little… Mariko in Shōgun. And, sure, if Kylie was out here at the Met Gala sartorially inspired by for Shōgun, I could try to defend it. But that wasn’t the case. The cloak was meant to save the big reveal of the dress which, like, what’s the point when the dress was a nothingburger. 


Lastly, Sarah Jessica Parker cosplaying Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s always going to respect the event, she’ll always tell the story of the pieces and how they came together, and honour the designers and the artisans who made it happen. She’ll never say no to a Philip Treacy headpiece. The category is SJP at the Met Gala – and here she is.