It’s relentless now, the volume of reporting that’s accumulating about Harvey Weinstein’s three-decade-long predation. As mentioned earlier, Ronan Farrow’s piece for The New Yorker was published today – and the details are horrific. There were lives that were ruined. Asia Argento has never been the same. And you can hear in her statements how she’s still struggling, still feeling the shame and guilt, over something that was never her fault.

Shortly after The New Yorker report went up earlier today, The New York Times came out with statements from both Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow joining the growing list of women who have Harvey harassment stories of their own. Angelina said that she had a “bad experience” with him when she was young and never worked with him again and warned others to do the same. Gwyneth goes into detail about Harvey inviting her into his hotel room and trying to get her to give him a massage. She was dating Brad Pitt at the time. And Brad eventually confronted Harvey about it – Brad has confirmed Gwyneth’s account through his rep. Even though Brad told Harvey to stay away from Gwyneth though, Harvey still called and yelled her down the phone. She says she held her ground and insisted that their relationship remain professional. They went on to work together again but eventually the relationship deteriorated. You’ll recall, this is similar to what Ashley Judd went through. And Harvey tried to use that fact against Ashley last week. No doubt, other people will continue to question the women in these stories, and the women who don’t even have their own stories. Because… sorry… why are we so fixated on the women who knew and didn’t know and why they never said anything? Especially when what’s emerging here, from The New York Times and The New Yorker and all the sourcing that’s been made available is that Harvey Weinstein’s influence and reach was enormous.

Consider what Ronan Farrow details in his piece – that the New York Police Department had audio tapes of Harvey harassing one of his victims. AUDIO. His voice. Admitting to his f-cksh-t. Good luck listening to this, if you can stomach it:

There are apparently more recordings. And he was never charged. This happened in 2015. Well past the point where he was at his most powerful. Imagine then. Imagine then what his power would have been in the 90s and the early 2000s. If the NYPD couldn’t nail him!

On top of that, Harvey was also really well connected with media outlets. And both the NYT and The New Yorker give specific details about how he leaked information about his adversaries to give himself the advantage. So, even if you’re famous, even if you’ve already gotten paid, that’s what he would have had over you. Think of all the secrets that celebrities have to manage all the time, every day. Think of how Harvey Weinstein would have used those secrets to leverage the advantage. Everyone keeps talking about what they had on Harvey. Nobody wants to think about what Harvey might have on THEM.

And going forward, what is he going to do with that vault? The New York Times and The New Yorker’s sources have all described him as a vindictive, vengeful man. If he was already vindictive and vengeful when he was on the top, what will that look like now that he’s in freefall?

Quick note: Season 2 of the Show Your Work podcast will begin next month. BUT this is a huge work story. So Duana and I are recording an extra episode tonight, focusing only on the Harvey Weinstein situation, exploring all the angles and unpacking how the Hollywood system enabled this to happen, and it will be posted tomorrow.