Hannah Waddingham wore the sh-t out of that flouffy poufy green dress at the Emmys and she looked sensational in black sequins for the afterparty. I also appreciate that she and her stylist made the right show-to-party choices, as in deciding which look for which occasion. Because a lot of times, the party dress ends up at the awards and the awards dress ends up at the party (we see this often at the Oscars and then the Vanity Fair party) and I never understand why it’s backwards.(Go Fug Yourself)


If you’ve seen Mean Girls, you know that Renee Rapp is on the rise. She’s been on the rise for a while now but I don’t know that she ever went to mainstream level until thee release of the movie. Now, though, Renee is officially mainstream. And this is good for the mainstream because she is delightful and unfiltered and so talented and she makes the movie. Renee is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend with guest host Jacob Elordi. I don’t know why she’s not doing both. For sure we’ll be seeing her in at least one sketch because it would be a waste not to use her. Watch, she’s going to blow Jacob Elordi out the water.(Pajiba)


I guess we’re still talking about King Charles’s coronation and all the petty stunting that happened against Prince Harry. Remember when I said he was the main character at the king’s big party? Well that’s exactly what this is – continuing to make Harry the story while they keep trying to say he’s not the story. This time it’s about Princess Anne and her hat and whether or not it was weaponised against her nephew. (Celebitchy)

It’s amazing to see that Echo is so popular and that Alaqua Cox is getting the attention she deserves, and this “full circle moment” is straight out of a “dreams come true” fairytale. (The Mary Sue)

I just watched Guillermo’s “Back to Back” at the Emmys and after all these years, I still love him. So much. Guillermo + John Oliver is great TV. I could have used ten more minutes of them together. (Mashable)