There is no shortage of miserable f-cks in Hollywood, especially during award season. And, generally, it’s not all that fun watching someone hate their job. Unless that person can make hating their job – and, really, hating everything – super entertaining. Hugh Grant has this special gift. I have grown to appreciate it more and more. 

Hugh is currently promoting The Gentlemen, directed by Guy Ritchie, with Matthew McConaughey and Charlie Hunnam. I’ve been worried about this movie since the trailer came out, in particular the part where a person with a Vietnamese name is mocked for the way the name sounds in English. Maybe… it’ll all work when you see the film in its entirety? I’m trying to be optimistic and generous. 


Anyway, yesterday Hugh, Matthew, and Charlie were on Andy Cohen’s SiriusFM radio show. Andy was talking at one point to Charlie about coming to terms with approaching 40 and marriage comes up and Charlie’s, like, yeah my girlfriend wants to get married but I’m indifferent which…  another example of him talking about his girlfriend and he sounds like a f-ckboy. Remember when he went so method on a movie that he ghosted his girlfriend for nearly half a year to stay in character?! 

Whatever, this isn’t about Charlie because he’s not nearly as delightful as both Matthew and Hugh. When it’s Matthew’s turn to talk about getting older and embracing his 40s, he gives the most on-brand answer about getting rid of sh-t in your 30s so that you can “customise” the next decade which is not that it’s not insightful, because it is, but he’s Matthew McConaughey so he has to talk about life like it’s a car. 

And then Hugh comes into the conversation to save us all. What was Hugh Grant’s favourite decade? Basically… none of them. They all suck. Living sucks. Everything is terrible. LOLOLOLOLOL. Here watch:


Hugh is amazing but what makes it even funnier is everyone else’s reaction to his perpetual crustiness. Matthew’s like, OK, when were you the least disgusted by your existence? Hugh: never. And then he proceeds to talk about clubbing and golf clubbing and his “lost years” and if you have a few “lost years”, presumably you had to be having some fun partying during that time – which of course he did – but the thing with Hugh is that he will find rain clouds even when there are no rain clouds in sight. And somehow he makes that sunny for everyone else around him. It’s a talent.