Idris Elba is currently promoting Hobbs & Shaw—full review later this week, but in short: I kinda love it? I think? I’m so unused to liking anything Fast/Furious it’s hard to tell—and he stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. While there, he mentioned that Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham gave him the gears for starring in Cats. I mean, OF COURSE THEY DID. Frankly, Elba is just lucky that he made Hobbs & Shaw before the Cats trailer landed, or else he never would have been able to show his face on set. And honestly, Elba isn’t doing the most to convince me he is proud to be in Cats. He doesn’t seem totally ashamed, but there is definitely some embarrassment there. The Cats press tour ought to be fun.

Colbert then asked Elba to explain What Is Cats, and for a second, Elba looks legit terrified. He is not confident he can explain this movie AT ALL. But he tries, and says it has something to do with a cat trying to go to cat heaven. That can’t possibly be right. I refuse to believe that is the plot of Cats. On one hand, “cat tries to go to cat heaven” does sound cocaine-crazy enough, but on the other hand, that’s so stupid, how would it ever become a worldwide phenomenon? I don’t believe this at all. Also, everyone knows cats don’t go to heaven. They can’t! Cats are minions of Satan and when they die, they are called back to the pits of hell. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows they are just the smallest, cutest demons. So nothing about Idris Elba’s explanation makes any sense, which seems par for the course for Cats. The only logical thing about Cats is that The Rock and The Stath mocked Idris Elba for being in it.