Earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported that Prince Andrew was “demanding” to dress in military uniform, along with other members of the royal family, at Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday. This is the kind of information that could only have come from inside the palace – and as we know, for whatever reason, palace aides are still leaking to a tabloid that, well, isn’t exactly the journalistic standard. Obviously the fact that Admiral Andy, who was friends with the dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, can still throw around “demands” is a joke in and of itself. But then there’s the matter that despite retreating from public duty, he’s kept his titles at all. 


Apparently a decision has now been made – no one will be in military dress on Saturday. Per ITV’s Chris Shipp:

“Had Prince Andrew been allowed to wear his military uniform it would have left Prince Harry as the only senior male in the funeral party in his civilian clothes. That would have raised awkward questions given the Duke of Sussex is a British Army veteran who saw active service on two tours of Afghanistan.” 

There are other outlets reporting on the dress code, but the reason I’m quoting ITV is because it’s the most accurate. What’s accurate is that Prince Andrew is the one who “demanded” to be in uniform; Prince Harry was not trying to show up in uniform, despite the UK tabloids suggesting otherwise. The UK tabloids do not have legit sources anymore on the Sussex side – they’re the ones getting sued by the Sussexes. Furthermore, after the situation with the wreath during Remembrance Services last November, when Harry was denied his request to have one laid on his behalf, he wouldn’t have been coming into this with any expectation to be able to make any “demands”. So describing the decision as a way to spare Harry the embarrassment really isn’t the story. The British royal institution’s first priority is the monarchy. It’s to protect the monarchy. And, as Chris Shipp reports, if Admiral Andy, with all his pervy scandals and associations, is out here with his chest puffed out in regalia and Harry, who has served two tours in Afghanistan and was a member of the armed services for a decade, isn’t …well…it puts the spotlight on the Firm, and their inconsistencies, whatever arbitrary standards they apply to who can and can’t dress in uniform. So this is to spare the FIRM the embarrassment, not Harry. Because those questions were already being asked the moment that Admiral Andy made his “demand”.


But also… again…why can’t this family get their communications right? This story became frontpage news because somehow there was a leak that got out to the Daily Mail about Andrew’s “demand”. And as I said above, that could only have come from inside the Firm. Time and again, they’re getting themselves into trouble by telling on themselves, and giving stories to the tabloids that end up causing more drama. So it’s another media miscalculation, from the very people who are supposedly repping one of the most prestigious brands in the world. WHYYYYYYYYYYY are they so bad at this? 

In other royal news, we now know the order of procession at the funeral. Here’s the order…and it’s interesting: 

Prince Charles and Princess Anne will walk together first. 

Followed by Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.



Harry, Peter Phillips, and William. 

In other words, William and Harry will not walk side by side in the procession on the way to the service. The brothers will be separated by Peter Phillips. 

As for the procession at St George’s Chapel, here’s the order, following the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Dean of Windsor, and Prince Philip’s coffin, carried by the Royal Marines: 

Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

Prince William and Peter Phillips

Prince Harry and the Earl of Snowdon

If I’m reading that right, it means that again William and Harry will not walk side by side. 

Is this accidental, nothing to read into?  Or …something else?