In today’s open, I mentioned Jennifer Aniston last night on Live in Front of a Studio Audience, and playing Blair in The Facts of Life episode, how great it was to see her as part of that ensemble, and what Duana said about how much f-cking fun she’s having right now. Jennifer Aniston is very, very famous. One of the most famous people on the planet. So to see her on a Tuesday night, on network TV, in a wig and a uniform, talking about her “dinner box” and trying not to crack up at Jason Batemen and Will Arnett being dumbasses – this is the “no more f-cks to give” stage of her career, and it’s why she’s never been better. Would she have said yes to something like this ten years ago? I couldn’t imagine it but now, this is Jennifer Aniston in 2021. 


She covers the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter as she’s receiving their Sherry Lansing Leadership Award this year. This is a standard Jen Aniston interview, repeating what we’ve known and been told many times already about her – she’s surrounded by friends, she’s the best host, she’s warm and inviting, and several other celebrities are quoted, like Jason Bateman and Adam Sandler, confirming that she’s the best. 

As for gossip. Not much, she’s too much of a pro, but she does allude a couple of times to her divorce and it being a difficult time, in context of her career decisions at that time (The Break-Up, which I haven’t seen in years – is it good in these times?) – though mostly the tone here is Jennifer Aniston at the top of her game. And my favourite quote from the interview explains it all, when she talks about her image: 

“I was the girl next door, the damsel in distress, the brokenhearted — your traditional rom-com themes. And at a certain point, it was like, “Can’t we do something else? Am I just on this part of the cereal aisle? Like, will I ever get to be a bountiful Kashi or some sort of oatmeal, or am I going to be Fruit Loops forever?” And then you start to doubt yourself. “Maybe I can’t? Maybe there’s a reason that no one [is giving me these opportunities]?” Now, so much is self-generated, which is great since I wasn’t going to get the jobs I’m really interested in because the industry isn’t secure enough to say, “Yeah, let’s try it.” They go for the actors they know can play the fancy dramatic roles. But there are still certain directors I’d love to work with, ones who have their pick of who they like, and sometimes I want to go, “I’d love to be part of that club.”


This is what I’ve said about Jennifer Aniston the last three to five years or so, and why she’s been more entertaining than ever – because Jennifer Aniston, Hollywood power player, producer, content creator is my favourite Jennifer Aniston. That’s the Jennifer Aniston who’s openly declaring in this THR piece that she wants to work with Wes Anderson. That that’s the club she wants to be part of. And right now? Totally. I can see it. 


PS. I’m obsessed with her in this white bikini and trousers look. It’s Jennifer Aniston… Lopez. 

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