In less than two weeks, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson will all be in Toronto to premiere their new films at TIFF... within 24 hours of each other. They’ve all won Best Actress Oscars and they happen to be close friends who namecheck each other in interviews (Brie in May's Vanity Fair cover story, Emma in JLaw's Vogue September issue, Jen on Emma in Harper's Bazaar and then some). They group text, too. (Lainey: we just don’t see it come to life in a music video or on a water slide.)

On that point, even though we’ve watched Brie and Jen goof off at the Oscar nominee luncheon, and Jen and Emma have dinner with or jam out to Adele, and Brie and Emma hug each other backstage at the Oscars, we've yet — to my knowledge — to get a photo of them all out together. Brie hosts Bachelor viewing parties. Do Emma and Jen Skype in? Where and when do they hang? The fact that their friendship isn’t performed publicly makes their bond seem more genuine to me which I why I’m hoping that we might finally get our first glimpse of this Oscar Trinity hanging out at TIFF. If we've never seen the three of them together, does this become the most coveted non-Clooney or non-Jolie photo of the festival?

Here’s the schedule:

Battle of the Sexes premiere: Sunday Sept 10 – 6 p.m. (Ryerson)
mother! NA premiere: Sunday Sept 10 – 9:15 p.m. (Princess of Wales Theatre)
Unicorn Store world premiere: Monday Sept 11 – 3 p.m. (Ryerson)

The last time Jen was at TIFF it was 2012. She was promoting Silver Linings Playbook and supported her buddy Bradley Cooper at the premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines a day before their film's red carpet. Lainey was there and watched her walk in.

So… will she support her friends Brie and Emma the same way she supported Bradley? The schedule may not work out to make it to the premieres, but they'll probably try to meet up for dinner or a party. Like when Andrew Garfield and Eddie Redmayne hit up the 99 Homes after-party together back in 2014.  Or when Andrew walked the red carpet for The Theory of Everything the night before

Speaking of which... for those on Emma/Andrew "are they or aren't they" back together watch — guess which movie has its world premiere exactly 24 hours after Battle of the Sexes? Breathe... starring Andrew and Claire Foy. Will Emma stick around for that? Would a photo of Emma at Andrew's premiere trump one of these three together? As much as I love "love"... I think I need the Oscar Trinity more than I need the rekindled romance. 

What does the Oscar Trinity, and all their power, look like in the wild? I'm dying to see it. I'll be covering two of their three red carpets and keeping my eyes peeled!

Attached – Jennifer Lawrence in New York earlier this week.