Over the weekend, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen arriving and leaving each other’s homes on a couple of occasions. There have also been some sightings of Ben and his assistant flying private so, as of yesterday, he could be out of town, and rumours are that he went to London and so the speculation in some Affleck/DC/movie nerd circles is that he’s there to shoot his part in The Flash. If that’s true, it means he’s been in Batman shape leading up to this, so it’s not just the JLo glow on Ben that we’ve been seeing although, you know, given how she’s famously healthy, by celebrity standards in terms of lifestyle, it probably wouldn’t hurt to be around her as a positive influence when you’re physically prepping for a role. Remember a couple of weeks ago when he flew to Miami to see her and they went to the gym together


In other Bennifer news, Entertainment Tonight reported yesterday that:

"J.Lo and Ben are very much a couple and have been telling friends that they're together," the source says. "When they first reconnected, they had to see if the spark was still there because it had been a while. It was, so now they are both fully in it." 

Who is this source? Does this source, who supposedly knows JLo, actually refer to her in the third person as JLo, LOL? I always thought that the people who actually spend time with her call her “Jen”. As for “telling their friends that they’re together”, I mean, I’m pretty sure their friends have wi-fi access and already know that they’re together since it’s been headline news, not just at entertainment outlets but in hard news too. Because Bennifer back in the day was a cultural moment that few people were able to avoid. They were monoculture gossip. They are still monoculture gossip. 

But if we’re talking about their friends…which ones? Matt Damon? Remember a few weeks ago, Matt Damon was asked about Bennifer in an interview and while he was slippery with his answers at first, at the end he was like, yeah, I hope for it too! Not sure how much weight we can really put into that but, at the same time, it isn’t just that Ben and JLo have grown since they were together the first time, the people around them have grown too – and I wonder if they might look back and look at the situation now and see it in a different light, through the lens of 2021. On so many levels.

Attached - JLo arriving at and leaving Ben's place in Brentwood the other day.