The internet is still not over the photos that Page Six published yesterday of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kissing and doing romance things in LA at a family dinner to celebrate her sister Lynda’s birthday. I have said several times already that there was none of this heat when she was with ARod. They were affectionate, sure, but we haven’t seen this heat with JLo since OG Bennifer back in the day. And that was part of the reason they became a pop culture obsession: because they were obsessed with each other! It seems like… they’re re-obsessed with each other again. And nobody is mad at this, I hope. Certainly not her inner circle. Unless of course Lynda is cheesed about her birthday being overshadowed in the media. Then again, Lynda’s not new at this. Her sister has been famous for 30 years. And I don’t think Lynda for a minute was thinking that her birthday would be a media event if Ben hadn’t shown up. JLo’s family is super tight. She spends a lot of time with her mother and sister who also are around the kids more often than they’re not. Ben wouldn’t have been invited if Lynda wasn’t OK with it. 


But as I said the other day, it doesn’t mean there isn’t independent family time. Ben was seen with his mother and children at an event for one of his kids yesterday and JLo had dinner with Lynda, just the two of them, at Craig’s. It’s really cute how their outfits seem to be coordinated. JLo’s outfit is cute period, I love it so much. 

First of all, she looks amazing in glasses. And if JLo’s wearing a turtleneck, you bet your ass it’s going to be cropped. The cargo pants are great – but what’s not typical JLo here is that she’s wearing flat oxfords, not even with a platform, to go with all of it. Which is totally my jam, and I’m all about it, it’s just not what I would have imagined if I was to predict her outfit. 

That famous glow though. JLo’s glow is always on but, you know, my Photo Assumption (baseless assumptions taken from pictures that never tell the whole story) is that it might even be a little dialed up these days because …the girl is where she likes to be! In love!