Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spent last week together in Montana and then returned to LA together in time for Mother’s Day. They are not, however, together right now because she was seen yesterday at the gym in Miami looking as fit as ever and again on set today shooting new ads for Coach and then back at the gym. That, by the way, is an assumption – Ben hasn’t been seen with her in Miami (at least not yet) so, presumably, he didn’t join her on her work trip although… you know… these two can be pretty intense romantically so I wouldn’t rule it out. 


As we have seen, Bennifer 2021 is currently the biggest gossip heatscore. So everybody’s asking questions, and every entertainment outlet wants to get the jump on what’s really going on – something they’re obviously well aware of. And possibly encouraging? You know what I wrote the other day about Benny Medina and TMZ? His name is still in that URL.

Anyway, we’re now hearing from all kinds of sources who have all kinds of things to say about Ben and JLo hooking up again. PEOPLE reported yesterday that they’re at the same place in their lives right now and that whatever this is, it’s “good for them”: 

"Ben and Jennifer were in the same mindset after their breakups," a Latin music source tells PEOPLE. 

Adds the source, "Whether they end up together or not it's good for both of them now. And not that surprising." 


PEOPLE followed with another story today about how, even though they’re obviously enjoying this, we shouldn’t be expecting the pink diamond engagement ring to be making another appearance any time soon. 

“Almost two weeks after the exes were spotted together outside of Lopez's Los Angeles home and then photographed together inside of a car together in Montana, a source close to the singer says Lopez, 51, "is open to having a relationship" with Affleck, 48.

"She wants to spend as much time with Ben as possible to see where this could go," says the source in this week's issue of PEOPLE. 

While the two are spending more time together, the source adds, "They are certainly not making any plans about the future."

Did we ever find out what happened to the pink diamond engagement ring? I don’t think we did. You think she gave it back or would she have kept it? Obviously I’m voting for her having kept it… and obviously for it to be making a reappearance at some point. 

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s not jinx. This is a fragile situation. It needs gossip protection!