Last week I posted about Justin Timberlake’s new book, Hindsight, and how he told – and sanitised – the story of his romance with Jessica Biel. They met and there was instant attraction and he invited her to come hang on his tour bus even though he was seeing someone else and then they reconnected at the Golden Globes and…oh! Remember when Cameron Diaz was at the Golden Globes who he’d just broken up with? 

Anyway, yesterday Kathleen wrote about Olivia Munn and the story she told about being at a party with a guy who disappointed her and the advice Jamie Foxx gave her afterwards. Who…was the guy? 

She never said. And she probably won’t say, at least not publicly. But many of you emailed me afterwards with the Gossip Nostalgia from Fall 2010:


According to Us Weekly, Justin told Olivia that things were over between him and Jessica and they hooked up. But then Olivia found out that things were not over, and she confronted him, and he insisted that it was dying down between him and Jessica; Olivia figured out eventually that she’d been played and walked away. Justin’s rep denied it all at the time. But remember, Justin and Jessica broke up a few months later for a few months, then got back together, and then got married a year after that. Not that all this means he was the dude Olivia was talking about.

This moment in Gossip Nostalgia was brought to you by #NeverForget.