I’m not watching Busy Tonight. Should I be? Since I’m not watching Busy Tonight, I missed the episode the other night where Olivia Munn talked about her friendship with Jamie Foxx. Apparently, Jamie and Olivia have been friends since 2010. Jamie Foxx has a lot of random celebrity friendships. Remember that story about how Ed Sheeran slept on his couch for six weeks?

Olivia and Jamie were such good friends that he gave her some dating advice that has stayed with her throughout her career. LOL at Jamie Foxx, the dude who is so cagey about his own relationship he’ll walk out of interviews if Katie Holmes’s name is even mentioned, giving dating advice. He wouldn’t be the guy I’d go to for advice but I guess whatever Katie and Jamie have going has been working for years now so he’s got to be doing something right, right?  

Jamie’s advice for Olivia wasn’t bad – in fact, I think I love his advice. The story goes like this: Olivia was at a party with an actor she was dating undercover. (Guesses? Joel KinnamanThe Best Chris? My Chris would never.) She thought they were exclusive but the actor spent the party flirting with other women and left her alone in a corner. She left the party early and Jamie noticed. Later, Jamie left her a voicemail: 

“He left a voicemail and said, 'Did you come out here to be somebody's girlfriend? No! Did you come out here to be somebody's wife? No! Did you come out here just to date this guy? No! Did you come out here to be an actress? Yes! Don't you ever, let me see you cry about some guy like that ever again! Don't you ever let some other guy make you feel like that ever again!'"

This is good advice. It’s almost as good as “Break Up With Him.Olivia Munn’s aspirations were bigger than some douche actor who left her at a party. I don’t love how his voicemail speech sounds a bit like he’s invalidating Olivia’s feelings though. Listen, you can Break Up With Him and know that your life is bigger than some guy who won’t go steady with you but you’re still allowed to cry. Crying can be part of the process of realizing your own worth. That’s OK. But I do like that Jamie’s advice drives home the idea of never putting more into a relationship than the other person. If this actor (I would have guessed it was Aaron Rodgers, my former QB1, who turned out to be a disappointing douche in their breakup but he’s not an actor) didn’t care enough to pay attention to the woman he was f-cking at a party, she shouldn’t let him make her feel small. He clearly wasn’t worth her tears. Jamie is 100 percent right about that. I wonder how Katie feels when Jamie avoids her at parties. Just a question. Maybe Jamie should be giving advice to his dude friends, and himself, to stop doing dumb sh-t to make women cry or feel less than they should. 

That said, I don’t want to take away from the impact of Jamie’s voicemail. Olivia Munn says his words stuck with her. 

"It was so sweet. He was just so earnest. He was like, 'I never want to see you let any man make you feel that small again… Every now and then, [his message] would pop into my head—and, of course, it kind of veered off sometimes—but I'll think about that sometimes, and it brings me back to center."

I wonder how many uplifting voicemails Jamie has left for his other random celebrity friends. I would pay money to hear the voicemails he left for Ed Sheeran.