Chunky boots part two! Following Taylor Swift stepping out in a great pair of chunky boots, here is Kate Hudson on the set of Shell in her own great pair of chunky boots. This is the part of the Nineties style revival I can live with, I love oversized sweaters and chunky boots, and Kate is doing both fantastically well. 


Kate slowed down her acting output in the 2010s—while building up Fabletics—but she made a splashy comeback with Glass Onion in 2022. (Two years?! Already?!) She’s currently working on Shell, which is directed by Max Minghella, son of Anthony Minghella, and besides Hudson, co-stars Kaia Gerber. It’s a nepo baby collab! 


Kate is also working on an album, which I learned from Maria a couple weeks ago. I try to live my life in such a way that I never know which actors are making albums. It’s one thing if you are an actor who is also a singer, like Selena Gomez. It’s something else to be an actor who also sings. And it’s not about the ability to sing or not sing—Kate Hudson can sing, and also, watching this clip is how I learned that the “That’s My Jam” segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is 100% staged, no one has a doo-wop version of “7 Rings” ready to go off the top of their head—it’s that actors who can sing never make good music, let alone great music. At best, we’re in for a Jeremy Renner situation, frictionless pop-rock that asks and does nothing. It’s one step up from elevator music. Or maybe we’ll get another “Party All the Time”. Anyway, Shell sounds interesting.