OK so this is interesting. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, who have never publicly confirmed their relationship, are supposedly over…even though they were planning to get married … but now the wedding is, obviously, cancelled. The source (Radar) is suspect. And it’s not like they were ever right up in their faces about their dealings with each other. Jamie’s rep has already told Gossip Cop that there was never a wedding planned. But they can’t deny that there was a breakup because if they deny that there was a breakup then it would also be an acknowledgement, at the same time, that there was something to be broken. Which is why I’m going to take this denial instead that they’re still together. (Dlisted) 

I’m so glad Jane Krakowski is speaking about caregivers and how caregivers are often the ones who need just as much care. My ma has an incurable disease. She’s been sick for almost 20 years, in and out of the hospital. She’s disabled now and without dad, she wouldn’t have any quality of life. Dad is the one who is with her constantly in and out of hospital. Dad is the one who adjusts her leg braces. Dad is the one who picks her up and lays her down. And dad doesn’t want the attention. And he doesn’t see it as a burden. But his struggles, like that of most caregivers, are overlooked. (Cele|bitchy) 

Lady Gaga has been out every day for the last couple of weeks in one Major Outfit after another. And she seems to be favouring her signature boot style lately. Clearly she is feeling herself. Gaga suffers from fibromyalgia and those who live with chronic pain can probably relate – your body isn’t always your friend. When it is your friend, it’s something to celebrate. This, I think, is why she’s stomping that runway right now. I’m here for it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

These photos of puppies and kittens and baby Fiona the hippo and more are, indeed, a balm. But that quote, the tweet at the end, from dogs, or what we imagine would be from dogs, made me want to get into bed with my dogs and stay there for a long time. IT’S SO TRUE. (Pajiba) 

Few people look good when they’re running. It’s fine. You’re doing it, in part, to look good. You don’t have to look good in the process. I do not look good when I’m running. I do not have an attractive run. When I try to run “attractively”, if that’s even possible, it feels weird. And, worse, it’s harder. Nobody needs to make running any harder than it is. If it’s that difficult to look good running on land, it’s even more impossible on sand. Why do these people look so good while running on sand?!? HOW?!? (TMZ) 

The Ringer lists the best movies of 2018 so far. And there’s one movie that made the list that cracked me up. It will definitely crack up Duana. Because it’s a Hugh Grant movie. It’s Paddington 2! So, you see, there should never have been any shame at all when Hugh, who was repping Paddington 2 while at the Golden Globes, introduced the Very Serious Film Experience known as Dunkirk. Paddington 2, if you ask me, was wayyyyyy better than Dunkirk. (The Ringer)