PROGRAMMING NOTE: HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re dark tomorrow for New Year’s Day but we’ll also be dark the rest of the week because of travel commitments and we’re fueling up for the Golden Globes! The year in entertainment starts EARLY in 2020 with the Globes on Sunday, January 5. So get rested, do your homework, and come back Sunday night, just after midnight ET as our team rolls out our Golden Globes coverage, the first award show of the decade! We’ll be at it all night on Twitter and Instagram too. If you’re interested, check my Instagram stories starting Thursday. Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! 

Have you seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet? Do you need another weekend before I start bitching about it? Can we still bitch about Kelly Marie Tran and the erasure of Rose Tico? Because there’s now a bullsh-t excuse being offered up for why had so little screen-time. (Cele|bitchy)

It wouldn’t be right, I guess, without ending the year on some Kanye West wisdom. I’m not wise enough to understand any of this wisdom but I do know that hymen-checking is gross. And if that’s what he’s supporting here, I’ll never want to spend my Sundays at his service. (Dlisted) 

The Fug Girls revisit the best gowns “and such” of 2019 and I thank them from using Celine Dion’s photo from the Met Gala as the featured photo. I don’t agree with some of these selections (Emily Blunt) but I do think that Regina King’s sequined pink Golden Globes dress last year was underrated and deserved moe love than we gave it here. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Baby Yoda became one of the most beloved characters of the year, even though he had a late start. Baby Yoda and Keanu Reeves sustained us this year. So… here’s a suggestion from the far reaches of the universe that I don’t think I can support. Who should voice Baby Yoda or Teen Yoda? Gerard Butler? I thought we were trying to be optimistic to start a new decade?! (Pajiba)

And now, as a palate cleanser to end the year, because we were just talking about Keanu Reeves, did you know he’s a wedding crasher? (Unilad)