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Does this qualify as a Christmas miracle? That Keith Richards has given up drinking? Wait. There’s an extra word in there. The word is “practically”. Which doesn’t mean he never drinks. It means he almost never drinks, which is not the same thing. I wonder though… like everyone else… what’s his body going to do without the daily dose? (Dlisted) 

How do you feel about the fact that they’re already making a Harvey Weinstein movie? I can’t decide. Obviously they’re not going to tell a story that makes him look like an angel. But then again, we already know he’s not an angel. Then again, they’re shining a light on the experiences of the people, the women, who had to work with him, who were compromised by him. And maybe in telling those stories, more people will understand the different kinds of abuse and harassment and the varying consequences of abuse and harassment that can occur. So… what’s the answer here? Set me straight! (Pajiba) 

Stop it. Just stop it right now. If you’re crusty, if you’re grumpy about the bad traffic, the mad last minute holiday rush, calm yourself with this puppy. It’s soothing my cold. (TMZ) 
I loved what Rosamund Pike wore at the British Fashion Awards. And I’m pretty into this outfit with the leather over a black dress or two-piece, it’s hard to tell. Does it look like it would be complicated to put on? Uh, yeah. But I’m not the one wearing it and the end result, given all these different pieces and cut-outs actually looks quite polished and fresh. She wears it really, really well. (Go Fug Yourself) 
This is a really gross story about the Brange divorce. Like, even if it were true, which I have a hard time believing, the part about their son Pax, who does this benefit? Certainly, obviously, not Angelina Jolie. And if it’s Brad Pitt’s side leaking it… why would you want your kid knowing that? (Cele|bitchy) 

Yesterday was a major anniversary. It was the anniversary of me falling in love with one of my all-time favourite Beyoncé songs:" XO". Five years since the released of self-titled! (Teen Vogue) 


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