Dear Gossips, 

Ken Jeong is developing a talk show to launch next year; the plan is for him to host and executive produce. I have to admit… I was surprised when I read the headline. And I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed for being surprised. But the fact is, an East Asian performer isn’t the first star to come to mind when you think of talk show host possibilities in the west. And I’m East Asian! And I was a talk show host for ten seasons on The Social here in Canada! 


Then again, now that the possibility is before us – who would be better at hosting a talk show than Ken Jeong? 

He’s a stand-up comedian, he’s an actor, he’s a singing competition show judge, he is very well-liked, he’s sweet and kind… and… 

HE’s A DOCTOR. Who spoke in an informed and reasonable and actual science-based way about COVID, unlike another talk show host doctor who turned out to be a snake oil salesman. So in addition to entertaining on his show, Ken can actually give people legitimate information which is especially critical for an afternoon audience. 


To go back to his work as a doctor though, it’s not unusual to meet an East Asian male to be a doctor. But as East Asian man who’s a doctor AND a talk show host on American television? There’s a whole generation of kids out there for whom this will be normal, to grow up with him on their televisions doing variety segments, chat segments, cooking segments, medical segments, and interviewing stars. Ken Jeong will be blazing a new trail. 

Yours in gossip,