Oh surprise. Law Roach is the image architect behind my favourite look at the SAGs last night. To be clear, it’s never a surprise. It’s always @luxurylaw. And this time, it’s Kerry Washington. She wore a custom Etro dress, with a matching headpiece, and nails too. And then she jumped in the pool. Which is the kind of moment that sets celebrities apart from civilians. 


But then again, there’s nothing civilian about this look. It’s exquisite. The fit is amazing. The colour is amazing. Her whole vibe is amazing. 


Of course it is. It’s been produced by Law Roach. Who has also been working with Anya Taylor Joy. 


F-ck. Everyone is giving me nail envy these days. There’s so much nail inspo here but also hair inspo. I love how they’ve made Anya’s updo look like it’s a bob from the front. I would very much like to try this… next year? (We are back in lockdown where I live as our COVID cases from the variants of concern have doubled in the last two weeks and the vaccination program is slow.)

Still, as divine as Anya is, she’s not my second favourite look after Kerry. I’m going to go with Elle Fanning. Because this pyjama vibe sequined pantsuit is a dream. Even with a belt. In this case, I’ll allow it.