I am trying to imagine Kirstie Alley and John Travolta “devouring each other” and… my imagination just won’t go there. Trust me. My imagination can go places. Filthy places. Why am I so blocked, though, when Kirstie is so insistent that their chemistry was explosive and that she would have gone for a ride on JT’s rocket? (Dlisted) 

If you’d asked me to identify the wearer of this dress at the Emmys by only looking at the photo from the neck down, I would have told you it was Heidi Klum. Because Heidi… isn’t known for quality red carpet appearances. And by quality, I mean few garments ever look luxurious on her or well-made which, well, that’s ironic, right? But this is not Heidi Klum. It’s Alison Brie. And she can’t improve the dress either. (Cele|bitchy) 

As mentioned earlier, Duana and I were not into Issa Rae’s Emmys jumpsuit. Kathleen, however, defended it. I just didn’t like her in that colour. And the embellishment over the chest reads mother of the bride to me. Issa changed for the parties though. And this is an excellent party look. It’s a look that will last through the first party, onto the second, and well into the third. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I did it. I knew I should haven’t done it but I kept scrolling down this post. Because there was a time, pre-and-during university, when I was obsessed with Mario everything. If I wasn’t playing mahjong, or if I’d lost all my money on mahjong, I was on Mario. Since I’ve developed *some* discipline now, those days are over. But I still have that gene that gets activated whenever there’s some kind Mario headline. This was NOT the Mario headline I needed or wanted. GOD. (Pajiba) 

Katt Williams talked some sh-t about Tiffany Haddish last week and she did not throw a shoe at him in retaliation. In fact, she responded with love. In other words, she did not escalate the situation and it now appears he’s walked back his comments. So here is my theory: Tiffany will throw down for Beyoncé but, in almost every other situation, it seems, she’s a pacifier. (TMZ) 

A really, really lovely dress on Queen Letizia of Spain that Vogue is calling the Little White Dress – an LWD. Does it qualify if it has a print? Whatever. Nobody is here for my pedantry today. It looks great on her. And I could totally see Princess Kate wearing it. Except she’d ruin it with her sh-tty shoe game. (Vogue)