But the best kind of crime, and the best kind of fashion criminal – Kristen Stewart has been in Cannes the last few days promoting David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future which is contending for the Palme d’Or. As I wrote of the film a couple of weeks ago, this is a perfect film for this festival in particular because of its tradition of booing and walkouts and also for the way the festival audience can really get behind a film and a filmmaker. And Cronenberg is no stranger to the Croisette. 


So what was the reaction at the screening and at the world premiere? There were some walkouts at pre-premiere screening. But there were virtually none at the gala, and the film received a seven-minute standing ovation at the end. Now it’s a matter if the jury agrees with the crowd and whether or not Crimes of the Future can win the big prize…and perhaps begin a push for other awards later this year and through the season. Kristen joked with WWD that she was wearing a Chanel ring in the shape of a palm leaf to manifest the win. Again, it was in jest, but I do like that she’s coming off her first Oscar nomination and a vigorous campaign with what appears to be a continuation of that competitive spirit. 

But speaking of WWD… let’s talk about her fashion, because the fashion is a story, and part of her work in Cannes and in general is the fashion. She’s been one of Chanel’s most visible – if not the most visible – ambassadors for almost a decade now and her Cannes looks this year, the first time she’s been back at the festival in four years, have been fire. 


Let’s start with the casual, a white tee and cut off shorts while making her way around town for interviews. But of course not just any tee. This is Chanel cruise 2023 and boxers above the waist, classic steezy KStew. 

More Chanel followed for her WWD shoot – a beautifully tailored pair of black pants under an embellished blouse tied at the ribs. 


For the premiere, also signature KStew for its originality. A tricked out high collar crop top with a front-bow geometric skirt that was, apparently, one of her Oscar options as her stylist told The Hollywood Reporter that this was on the list until she and Kristen opted for the booty shorts

Kristen Stewart attends the screening of "Crimes Of The Future" during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 23, 2022 in Cannes, France

That THR interview with Tara is a really good read for those of you are into the work of the stylists as Tara revisits some of Kristen’s most memorable Cannes looks from her previous appearances at the festival. What I love about it is that it highlights the skill and talent of a great stylist who’s built a great relationship with their client. Too many people assume that it’s all about the designers, about the fashion houses, that this is all you need. In reality, what gets delivered from the design house is only the beginning. It’s the stylists who do the pinning, the reshaping, the reimagining – and sometimes that involves actual cutting, whether it’s a t-shirt that would work better with a pencil skirt or what was originally a floor-length gown that gets turned into a mini by the time Kristen gets on the carpet. Stylists don’t just pull sh-t and that’s the job. That might actually be the easiest part of the job. 


And finally, one more Kristen outfit fresh from today at the photo call in a Chanel suit worn her way: open and exposed but without full exposure, and that’s where Tara comes in too because whatever body tape is happening here is pure magic. 

Kristen Stewart attends the photocall for "Crimes Of The Future" during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 24, 2022 in Cannes, France