Kristen Stewart’s clothes are little. When I say “little” here, I don’t mean short or unsubstantial, I mean tiny – as in tiny pieces of clothing. Tiny pieces of clothing are what Kristen Stewart’s been wearing on the Love Lies Bleeding press tour and it is thrilling. 


We could see it coming as soon as her Rolling Stone cover was revealed exactly a month ago today: 

Kristen is leaning into sexy, but what SHE considers sexy, how SHE feels sexy, and not the conventional interpretation of it for women in what used to be mainstream culture. And that’s why people find it so offensive, something Kristen and Stephen Colbert talked about when she stopped by The Late Show this week. Stephen wanted to show the Rolling Stone cover, and he did, but he was advised by the network, CBS, to not show it because the didn’t think “it would be a good idea”. Which prompted Kristen to address the discomfort that some people have with the image – that they would NOT have with an image of a bikini model in a standard Sports Illustrated pose…and we have seen those images, time and again, over and over again, on television. Is there a difference? 



Well there’s not really a difference in who’s posing, and how she’s posing, but there is a difference in who’s meant to look at her pose. This is not a pose for the cis straight male gaze. This does not cater to the lust of the cis straight male. It is not for them, and you know what happens when they have to look at something that’s not for them? Well, it’s jarring for cis white men who inhabit a world that was built for them to be confronted with a person who refuses to play in those boundaries. KStew, however, doesn’t give a f-ck, and not only is she sticking her hand down her underpants on the cover of Rolling Stone, she’s defiantly, through her clothing choices on this press tour, wearing as little as possible, like so many other female celebrities, but doing sexy in her distinct way. 


At the premiere it was a bodysuit without anything over it:

And it’s not just the outfit, it’s also the body language. Kristen was not uncomfortable, she wasn’t closed in her posing – this bitch is wide open, legs apart, all power. 


And from there she hasn’t stopped. In New York this week she continued to serve tiny looks. We’re not just talking leg, we’re hinting at labia, lol. Look at this badass in her underwear: 


Just out here in these streets, no pants, no problem: 

Next – not quite underwear but super super short shorts. With leg warmers! I DIE! But also…I LIVE! 


If she’s covering her legs, then she’s not covering her top. Here’s KStew in slinky black, open back:

And finally, why not a mesh bra with a tiny skirt and garters? 

This is tiny fashion, the Kristen Stewart way.