Dear Gossips,   

History was made last night in Los Angeles – LeBron James surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar to become the NBA’s highest scorer, and he did it in LA Laker uniform, with both Kareem and Magic Johnson in the house to congratulate him. Which gives the endless debate another dimension: who really is the Greatest Of All Time… LeBron or Michael Jordan? 


I am not going anywhere near this conversation, this is a celebration, we don’t need fights breaking out. Let’s talk about the timing instead because it’s not like when he began his pro career, anyone could have imagined that LeBron’s point accumulation would lead him to this point, setting him up to break the record at home, in Los Angeles, in February, during Black History Month. And yet here we are. They mysterious wonders of the universe’s clock. 

LeBron was joined by his family last night and so many other celebrities in person, including Jay-Z and Bad Bunny and Usher and Woody Harrelson. There were also video messages played from other celebrities and players – Snoop, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, and so many more. Also… taking time perhaps from prepping for the Super Bowl, Rihanna sent a video. 

Rihanna has always been about LeBron, always and forever. So you know she would have wanted to be there if she could. But we’re getting real close to the Super Bowl now, and she’s been underground for several weeks. The Halftime press conference is happening tomorrow. That’s when we might get some idea about what she has planned. 


To go back to LeBron though, at this critical time for her, she made the time to make herself part of the congratulatory package. 

Yours in gossip,