Formula 1 was in Barcelona this weekend for the Spanish Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton finished P2 and it was a strong weekend overall for Mercedes with Lewis and George in second and third behind Max Verstappen. Mercedes was building on Lewis’s fourth place finish in Monaco after Mercedes made significant adjustments on the car. Monte Carlo was a tough track to really test out the car’s improvement though so they were always looking ahead to Barcelona to see if the tweaks would put them in a position to compete. So P2 is very encouraging for the team and for Lewis. He’s in a very, very good mood. 


And there could be a reason off-track for that too. Although some think the off-track and the on-track might be related? 

Because Shakira was in Barcelona to watch Lewis race. This is notable on multiple fronts. First, there were rumours about Shaki and Lewis after the Miami GP when she was at first linked to Tom Cruise but actually ended up at a dinner with Lewis and then a boat ride with their friends. But also this is Shakira coming back to Spain after moving to Miami following her divorce from Gerard Piqué who is based there. So, basically, she’s returning to his home soil … surrounded by speculation that she may be dating one of the greatest drivers in motorsports history, the champion, the legend himself Lewis Hamilton. It’s a delicious story. 

But are Lewis and Shaki legit? 


This clip is going viral, of Lewis at a pre-race event with George Russell, whose girlfriend is Spanish, and when that comes up, check out Lewis’s response: 


Not my favourite thing that Lewis has ever said, it’s reductive, like girlfriend shopping for a Latina, and Lewis is better than this for sure. But that’s not the read on the gossip sheet – because people are now reading into it with Shakira in mind. And then they went out for dinner. 


Their friends were there. And they very well could be friends, just friends. But they’re not unaware of what people are saying. And they don’t seem bothered about it, or doing anything to dissuade it. Because even if this isn’t a real romance, it’s definitely working in their favour, sort of. After all, Shaki does have a winning streak. Almost all of Piqué’s career highs came during his time with Shaki. And now Lewis seems like he’s on some good momentum too.