Who wouldn’t be stressed about going to jail. That’s why imprisonment is supposed to be a deterrent – who the f-ck wants to go to jail? This is such a stupid tabloid story about how Lori Loughlin is dreading her upcoming jail sentence. As if anyone looks forward to going to jail. The second to last paragraph here though is amazing. Martha Stewart! That nativity scene! (Dlisted) 


Did not expect to be seeing this much Candace Cameron coverage today. But her husband touched her breast and the Christians are mad because… I don’t know. Something something it’s not appropriate. On the list of inappropriate things that happen on social media, this to me does not rank. (Pajiba) 

Now THIS is mask fashion. You thought you were cute with your printed masks with whatever watermelon or pineapples or birds on them? Please. This mask has a beak. Or a nose. Or its own mask. And it’s amazing. I’ve been looking for a mask with lips attached to a slinky coil. So far no one has invented this yet, at least not that I’ve seen. And I’m not arts and crafty enough to make one. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Remember when almost 500,000 people got together and not very many of them wore face masks and they didn’t give a sh-t about the ‘rona? What could possibly happen? The most obvious thing. And now a lot of people are sick. Where I live they reported the highest number of new cases since June. Please wear a mask, practice social distancing, please be safe! (Cele|bitchy) 

Sarah was right – she predicted that Wonder Woman 1984 would be delayed when she wrote about Dune yesterday. And now it’s official. WW84 will be a Christmas Day release. Unless another 500,000 people decide to go riding and partying without masks on. (Variety)